Foster Rosenblatt

Client Testimonials

Senior Director, Business Intelligence – Top 20 Pharma

“Foster Rosenblatt has increasingly been getting work from us that we previously would have given to ZS. We are really pleased that F|R does not sell with the “A” team and deliver with the “C” team. With F|R, what you see is what you get. The team that sold you the project will deliver the project.”

Vice President, Business Intelligence – Top 20 Pharma

“We brought in Foster Rosenblatt and McKinsey to support (our strategic assessment). Foster Rosenblatt provided the therapy area expertise and did the market research and forecasting. McKinsey did the board level strategic analysis. F|R knew where they fit and did their jobs well. Next time, we may just give the whole thing to Foster Rosenblatt”

Director, Forecasting – Top 10 Pharma

“When we work outside of our normal therapy areas, we always use Foster Rosenblatt for a second set of eyes. They do so much work around the industry that they can get up to speed on any project immediately. They have a deep understanding of most therapy areas and can get us to the right answer quickly. Additionally, the F|R team is really good at transferring their knowledge to us so that we can more efficiently educate ourselves about new indications.”

Director, Oncology Marketing – Top 20 Pharma

“When Foster Rosenblatt acquired SAI Oncology, they became a real serious player in cancer. We now consider F|R for patient data projects alongside Epiphany and Intrinsiq. The F|R OncoEdge patient data tool provides insights into addressable patient pools that cannot be duplicated by other vendors.”

Senior Manager, Brand Marketing – Top 10 Pharma

“Maybe it’s not that important in the grand scheme of things, but I think the F|R team are bunch of good guys. I like working with them; they’re fun. The Partners at F|R have helped me on a number of key projects over my career, and I think of them as a strategic partner and not just a vendor.”

Senior Director, Brand Marketing – Top 20 Pharma

“We gave Foster Rosenblatt a really tough, quick turnaround business development project. We knew that anyone would be really stretched to get this work done within the time and budget given. As expected, there were a few ‘bumps’ in this project, but the F|R team never made excuses. Whatever needed more work, got more work. Whatever needed to be fixed, got fixed. Ultimately, they delivered a great analysis and really earned our trust.”

Senior Director, Pricing & Market Access – Top 5 Pharma

“We like to use a number of pricing consultancies. We like getting a bunch of different perspectives. Foster Rosenblatt has become one of our ‘regulars’ alongside SKP, ZS and IMS. Foster Rosenblatt can work in the US, Europe or ROW, and they have a deep understanding of overall brand strategy as well as company policy issues.

Associate Director, Commercial Analytics – Top 20 Pharma

“We used to offshore all our commercial analytics work. That was cheap, but it proved to be lower quality than hoped. We have brought in Foster Rosenblatt to augment our team in India. We now use our India team for the standard stuff, and we use F|R for the complex work or the ad hoc work that goes to the executive team.”

Vice President, Marketing – Top 20 Pharma

“Foster Rosenblatt simply makes the best predictive models on the planet. If we need to simulate a complex market, we get F|R to build us a model. They are not just mathematicians and modelers; they get their clinical and commercial people on the project team. They get the nuances of a market and make models that work in the real world!”

Senior Director, Market Research – Top 10 Pharma

“We use Foster Rosenblatt for what we call our ‘strategic market research projects.’ We use the commodity vendors for the straightforward project, but when hypotheses get really nuanced and complicated, we like to use real marketers to do these high-level projects. It costs a little more money, but F|R can simply do work that GFK and others can’t.”

Vice President, Learning & Development (Oncology) – Top 10 Pharma

“We engaged Foster Rosenblatt to do a major organizational diagnostic for our Oncology business unit. They built our competency matrices and developed our marketing training curriculum. F|R was one stop shopping for us to significantly and demonstrably improve the level of business acumen among our oncology marketers.”

Managing Director – Top 5 Life Sciences Hedge Fund

“Foster Rosenblatt has the ‘secret sauce’ that makes us feel confident about our commercial diligence efforts. We rely on F|R to be our commercial risk, forecasting and valuation experts. They are an integral part of our deal teams. They have kept us out of a number of bad deals and always help us get to a methodically sound valuation.”

VP Marketing – Top 5 Animal Health

“We give Foster Rosenblatt a lot of work. They do research, forecasting and brand strategy for us. They are not just ‘human health’ experts; they are legitimate animal health experts. They know all the animal markets and bring a level of sophistication to our commercial work that has become integral to all of our ‘mission critical’ questions.”