Foster Rosenblatt

Why Foster Rosenblatt

Our Focus

Foster Rosenblatt is recognized in the life sciences industry as a premier provider of predictive analytical services in forecasting, valuation & risk quantification. We have deep domain expertise in the pharma/biotech, device and diagnostics industries. Our strategic opportunity assessment and predictive modeling offerings support the needs of industry manufacturers, the financial community & law firms. We are both practitioners and educators in the areas that we serve. Our business is global and our clients are at every stage of development, from multibillion-dollar corporations to entrepreneurial start-ups.

Our Experience

Our senior team is comprised of industry thought leaders and have an average tenure of more than 20 years in the industry. We are life sciences veterans, basic scientists, clinical scientists, marketing scientists and advanced computer modelers.We have served every major life sciences company in the world as well as many of the largest hedge funds, private equity groups and law firms that are focused on healthcare.

Client Service

Our only goal is to make our clients successful. We strive to act as strategic partners to our clients by leveraging our intimate understanding of their business issues and our understanding of innovative & forward-thinking approaches. We deliver outstanding value-for-money and focus on a client service model that emphasizes transparency, communication and responsiveness.


Our consulting offerings are divided into 4 practices, Opportunity Assessment, Commercial Diligence, Litigation Support and Advanced Modeling & Software. Each of these practices utilize our core capability of predictive forecasting and risk analysis. Our content rich advisory services support our clients in understanding and quantifying high-level & high-dollar decisions.


We are experts in the subject matter that we teach, and we have cutting-edge pedagogical techniques. Over 10,000 executives have completed our courses. We strive to deliver the finest quality educational tools that springboard business professionals at every stage of their careers. Our market-driven approaches often utilize computer-based simulations to create “real-world” experiences.