Foster Rosenblatt

Commercial Diligence

Practice Leader

Thomas Foster  |  +1 212 444 8533

Practice Overview

This practice provides commercial diligence, risk assessments and strategic transaction support for life sciences deals involving products and/or going concerns.

Value Proposition

  1. Provision of truly independent commercial analysis and financial opinions
  2. Accurate forecasting of units and/or patients for brands & markets
  3. Valuation of assets and transaction support for both the sell & buy side
  4. Characterization and quantification of risk under conditions of uncertainty

Use Cases


    • Forecasting products in early & late stage development
    • Forecasting launch brands for first 18-24 months
    • Forecasting in-market products in either growth or LOE stages


    • Product, going concern & collateral valuation
    • Binary event analysis
    • Risk quantification and loss frequency analysis


Epidemiology Based Modeling – For newer or fast changing markets, an epidemiology based approach is used to determines a patient utilization over time
Patient Flow / System Modeling – This subset of epi modeling uses simulation techniques that follow patient cohorts over time & under changing circumstances
Demand Based Modeling – For established markets or brands, a demand basis is used that focuses on quantitative time series & insightful analog selection
Modeling Uncertainty – As appropriate, a dynamic simulator is used that allows “what if” gaming, scenario optimization & Monte Carlo analyses
Discounted Cash Flow Valuation – Valuing an asset or company by projecting its future cash flows and then using the Net Present Value (NPV) method for valuation
Comparative Valuation – Valuation technique analyzing how comparable assets or companies have transacted or been valued in publicly traded markets


In addition to our core work for our biopharmaceutical clients, Foster Rosenblatt exclusively provides the market and epidemiology models for the Bloomberg Terminal. Our work is the standard on Wall St. and among the global investment community as a content-rich and reliable source of forward-looking analyses of markets, drugs and epidemiology.