Foster Rosenblatt

Commercial Analytics & Research

Practice Leader

David Jones  |  +1 480 740 6588

Practice Overview

This practice helps our clients understand the motivations, behaviors and influences of key participants that affect the use and purchase of life sciences products.

Value Proposition

  1. Research and understanding of promotional sensitivity in a given area
  2. Research and acquisition of deep knowledge of customer motivations & behavior
  3. Design and building of scenario / “what-if” models for brands & portfolios
  4. Optimization of ROI on promotional spend

Use Cases

Physician Analytics

  • Marketing mix / Response modeling / Segmentation / Targeting / Driver analysis / Co-pay cards / Affiliations & indexing / Influence network mapping

Managed Care Analytics

  • Tier trade-off / Segmentation / Impact analysis
  • Metrics: share, claim costs, revenue & profits / age, gender, OOP & distribution / new continue, rejection & reversal, length of Tx, compliance & persistency

Patient Analytics

  • Patient journey / Segmentation / Impact analysis
  • Patient flow: new, continue, switch, rejection & reversal, length of therapy, compliance and persistency

Key Business Outcomes

  • Budgets optimized across the portfolio
  • Budgets supporting the forecasts
  • Advanced predictive tools for resource allocation and performance
  • High impact and high efficiency resource allocation
  • Well defined and utilized predictive and post hoc metrics

Advances Strategy Tools

  • Optimized spend incorporated with strategic planning
  • Proactive alert analytics
  • Cross-customer group and cross-promotional activity comprehensive analytics
  • Readily prepared “what-if” capabilities

Sample Deliverables

  • Promotion Plans: Long term and short term
  • In-Market Testing Plans: Interactions, cadence and new programs
  • Proactive Alert Dashboard: Brand and competitive alerts
  • Scenario Planning Tool: Link to forecast