Foster Rosenblatt


F|R Acquires Strategic Answers Inc. to Create a Dedicated Oncology Center of Excellence


Practice Leader

Bernie Manente, MBAfosterrosenblatt_oncoedge_button  |  +1 647 227 0054

Practice Overview

This practice provides advanced strategic insight that maximizes opportunity and performance for oncology/hemato-oncology brands and business units.

Value Proposition

  1. Strategic assessment of clinical and commercial opportunities for oncology therapeutics
  2. Characterization of payer landscape issues & determination of pricing/access strategy
  3. Future patient and dollar forecasting utilizing the F|R OncoEdge® data & forecast tool
  4. Qualitative & quantitative market research supported by access/relationships with KOL physicians

Use Cases

Oncology Landscape Assessment

  • Primary market research and advisory boards using our extensive global network of opinion-leaders and community oncologists/hematologists
  • Competitive intelligence for R&D activity, brand characteristics and commercial strategy
  • Payer landscape analysis and characterization

Opportunity Assessment using the F|R OncoEdge® Database & Forecasting Tool

  • Forecasting oncology therapeutics, patients and dollars by isolating highly relevant treatable patient subsets by stage and/or histologic subtypes and treatment subsets based on a dynamic evolution of care
  • Brand and market analytics for physicians, payers and other stakeholders
  • Research and understanding of customer motivations & promotional sensitivity
  • Business development support and commercial diligence

Strategic Planning Support

  • Understanding of any organizational gaps in commercial excellence
  • Composition of competency matrices across marketing, sales and clinical development
  • Development of learning frameworks & “best in class” commercial excellence with brands

F|R OncoEdge® Database & Forecasting Tool

OncoEdge® identifies highly relevant current & future treatable patients.

  • Real-world proprietary treatment algorithms validated by KOLs MDs that outline percent of patients diagnosed by stage and/or histologic subtypes, treatment options received & recurrence rates/patterns/timelines
  • Model determines patient incidence & prevalence using a retrospective regression approach that isolates treatable patient populations as well as palliated patients

OncoEdge® map of Canada and the U.S. identifing highly relevant current & future treatable patients. click here