Foster Rosenblatt

Pricing and Market Access

Practice Leader

Troy Hampton, MBA |  +1 919 641 3713

Practice Overview

This practice supports clients across all therapeutic areas navigate the payer environment in order to secure optimal access at appropriate prices.

Value Proposition

1. Characterization of essential & actionable payer landscape issues
2. Determination of product pricing & market access strategy & tactics

Use Cases

Pricing & Contracting

  • Determine launch price using qualitative & quantitative methods for products
  • Develop contracting strategies for established products or in competitive markets

Payer Value Proposition

  • Identify key product elements and tie them together to tell the most compelling story for payers

Clinical Trial Design

  • Support the design of clinical trils so that research generates the evidential requirements for payers

Payer Landscape Assessment

  • Use our extensive global network of payers to conduct primary market research and ad boards

Account Management

  • Profile and segment payer accounts and determine the optimal tactical approach



  • Payer Landscape Assessments
    • Secondary and primary market research (e.g., phone interviews, ad boards) with key decision makers at health plans covering both private and public markets
    • Scenario planning and competitive gaming


    • Indication prioritization and timing
    • Clinical trial planning through payer lens
    • Target product profile (TPP) evaluation
    • Pricing strategy
      • Qualitative
      • Quantitative (when possible/relevent)
      • Value-based
    • Value proposition development and positioning
    • Contracting strategy
    • channel strategy


    • Account segmentation, profiling and strategy
    • Account manager presentations
    • Market access training