Foster Rosenblatt

Strategic Market Research

Practice Leader

Jerry Rosenblatt, Ph.D.  |  +1 917 734 6482

Practice Overview

This practice provides primary market research that creates in-depth understanding of the drivers and trends that characterize commercial opportunity for life sciences therapeutics, diagnostics and devices.

Qualitative Research

We conduct in-depth interviews (IDIs), focus groups and advisory boards for research that requires deep content findings with smaller sample sizes.

Our Moderators
Our interviewers are knowledgeable industry veterans & technical experts in the subject matter being researched. We are able to augment our use of structured interview guides with informed and nuanced probes that provide enhanced depth of insight.

Therapy Area Experts – Professionals who have a general expertise across the commercial, clinical, scientific and regulatory aspects of therapy area
Marketing Scientists – Professionals who have a specific expertise in commercial analysis and strategy who focus on understanding customer needs and approaches by which these needs might be fulfilled
Clinical & Basic Scientists – “Industry savvy” PhD/MD scientists who are able to have “peer-to-peer” discussions with other technical professionals
Financial Experts – Professionals who able to conduct financially technical interviews and are experienced in the unique objectives of both the buy-side and sell-side

Quantitative Research

We provide quantitative research services that provide statistical decision-support information about key research questions. We employ conjoint analysis and discrete choice methods to determine how different product/service/portfolio attributes are valued and tradeoff decisions are made.

Common Use Cases

  • Strategic landscape analysis
  • Quantify market opportunity & dynamics
  • Patient journey studies
  • Promotion & communication tracking/testing
  • Determine ATU (awareness, trial & usage)
  • Physician & patient segmentation
  • Brand performance tracking
  • Develop/assess pricing strategy

Typical Respondents

Key opinion leaders | Community physicians | Other clinical stakeholders | Veterinarians | Accountable care organizations | Payers | Benefit Managers | Payer service providers | Pharmacists | Patients | Care givers | Pharmacies | Policy makers | Financiers