What We Do

The F|R Animal Health Practice delivers comprehensive commercial consulting services that are specific to this unique sector of the life sciences industry. We are marketing and sales experts in both the farm animal/livestock and companion animal spaces. Our clients rely on us to deliver customer and strategic insights that maximize the value of their R&D pipeline and in-line products.

This fast growing sector is increasing complex with stakeholder influences that are rapidly evolving. Consolidation among animal health companies is opening opportunities for diversification of offerings while increasing investment in specialized fields. Educated consumers are changing buying patterns, for example, by demanding production of safer protein supply or purchasing high-cost end of life treatments for companion animals. The expansion of corporately-managed vet hospitals is changing how animal health companies interact with vet clinics and veterinarians. And R&D complexity and innovation is sharply increasing due to leveraged advancements in human medicine and more abundant strategic collaborations.

Our Services include comprehensive commercial support for late-stage R&D assets, peri-launch products and in-line brands throughout their lifecycle.

Strategic Market Research

F|R provides primary market research that creates an in-depth understanding of the drivers and trends that characterize commercial opportunity for animal health products. We conduct qualitative & quantitative research insights for both farm animal/livestock and companion animal spaces.

Qualitative Research: We conduct in-depth interviews (IDIs), focus groups and advisory boards for research that requires deep content findings with smaller sample sizes. Our moderators are always F|R team members. We are knowledgeable industry veterans & technical experts in the subject matter being researched able to augment our use of structured interview guides with informed and nuanced probes that provide enhanced depth of insight. Our professionals have a general expertise across the commercial, clinical, scientific and regulatory domains and are able to have “peer-to-peer” discussions with other technical professionals.

Quantitative Research: We provide local and global quantitative research services that provide statistical decision-support information about key research questions. Using larger sample sizes we employ conjoint analysis and discrete choice methods to determine how different product/service/portfolio attributes are valued and tradeoff decisions are made. Our Marketing Scientist professionals have specific expertise in commercial analysis and strategy.

Typical Use Cases: Landscape analysis, quantifying market and product opportunity to support brand planning, commercial analysis, customer segmentation, ATU and tracking studies, pricing and commercial terms and licensing/acquisition.


Brand Strategy & Planning

We help you understand the ethnographic characteristics of your customers, what challenges they face and what solutions would most benefit them. We identify where you can best capitalize on market “white space,” and we support brands at all lifecycle stages from development to maturity.

Situation Analysis: We perform market research and characterize market dynamics that generate commercial insights. These observations and analyses establish the set of opportunities that define the set of strategic options for a brand.

Strategic & Integrated Tactical Plans: We help you set the goals for a product. We create business objectives for the brand as well as corresponding high-level critical success factors and tactical imperatives.

Our work addresses the issues of brand vision, objectives, segmentation, positioning, value proposition and messaging. We engage the entire cross-functional team and ensure alignment across business functions.


Promotional Analytics

This practice helps our clients understand the motivations, behaviors and influences of key participants that affect the use and purchase of animal health products. Our promotional analysis services can help you understand the trajectory of your brand and measure its progress along the way. We can help you see where you are today, where your brand is going and help you make adjustments that optimize spend.

We deliver insights into message effectiveness, competitive threats and channel effectiveness. We provide you with the tools to alter the commercial landscape. F|R enables you to optimize every phase of promotion through thoughtful metrics, advanced modeling and strategic insights. With our help, you can optimize every dollar of promotion, understand how effective you and competitors have been by channel/audience, improve customer engagement rates and fine-tune messages.



The F|R Animal Health Practice provides holistic pricing strategy and tactics for individual products and portfolios. We conduct conjoint and discrete choice research to understand the impact of pricing options. Our techniques include Van Westendorp to determine price sensitivity and Gabor-Granger to assess a customer’s likelihood to purchase. We are able to specify the price point that maximizes net unit contribution while balancing volume and expense.

We work with you create of maximize a brand’s compelling value story for key stakeholders. We can identify influencing factors that differentiate your product and enhance market acceptance at appropriate prices. F|R delivers deep quantitative and qualitative analytics to reduce the uncertainty that can come with pricing strategy for an individual product or a portfolio.


Competitive Assessment / War Gaming

We provide scenario-based strategy war games. This technique offers a risk-free environment that allows strategy options to be tested in a realistic simulated marketplace. Our work is based on straightforward game theory principles of multiplayer non-cooperative dynamics. We can provide qualitative games based on Delphi information sets or fully functional computer-based market simulations that are grounded in large market-specific empirical data sets.

This time efficient technique allows companies to (i) test in a matter of days strategic initiatives and hypotheses that play out over many years, (ii) identify unexpected results of a strategy or competitive response and (iii) provide a vehicle for leadership development.

F|R facilitates each business game with dedicated experts in animal health and marketing science. Games can be played against other live teams or a game-specific computer model based on real-world data market dynamics.



F|R provides advanced predictive analytics and forecasts that quantify future performance of products and markets. Our forecasting experts strategically assess opportunities for markets, brands & business units, accurately forecast units and/or patients for brands & markets, value assets & transaction support for both the sell & buy side, and characterize & quantify risk under conditions of uncertainty.

Our Approaches: Epidemiology-based modeling is utilized for newer or fast changing markets, to better understand the patient and utilization cascade. Flow models apply simulation techniques that follow patient cohorts over time & under changing circumstances. Our unique demand-based methods and models are used for established markets or brands, focusing on statistical time series methods & insightful analog selection. Modeling uncertainty is a service we provide where we build dynamic simulators that allow “what if” gaming, scenario optimization & Monte Carlo analyses.

Typical Use Cases: Strategic assessment of opportunities for markets, brands & business units; accurate forecasting of units and/or subjects, simulation of markets with computer-based scenarios; characterization & quantification of risk under conditions of uncertainty; defining, evaluating and planning for different scenarios; forecasting products in early & late stage development, forecasting launch brands for first 18-24 months, forecasting in-market products for growth or late stages.